Using RenderStreet One with projects that need baking

Using RenderStreet One with projects that need baking

The RenderStreet One plan doesn't support baking. However, projects that need to be baked can be rendered with RenderStreet One.

The simulations need to be baked first, as described in this article. After that, there are two ways to upload the project and the bake cache files:

1. By using our plug-in. The plug-in will collect all project assets, including the bake caches, and will upload them to our farm automatically.

2. Manually,  using FTP or cloud transfer to our server. For the bakes that are saved in the .blend file, please observe the instructions in the article mentioned above. For the bakes that are saved separately, please do the bake and upload the bake cache with the main .blend file to our server. You can find below an example of how to do this process for a smoke bake. The process needs to be done for all smoke domains:

- uncheck the "use lib path" checkbox
- check the "external" checkbox
- use a relative path in the "File name" field, such as //smoke_cache
- bake
- upload both the .blend file and all bake folders generated via FTP, in a folder created in your RenderStreet account FTP root

Important: In order to launch projects that need baking using the monthly plan, the 'Do not bake on RenderStreet' box needs to be checked.
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