Using MDD, PC2, VDB and Alembic cache files with Blender on RenderStreet

Using MDD, PC2, VDB and Alembic cache files with Blender on RenderStreet

MDD, PC2, VDB and ABC cache files are supported on RenderStreet. The easiest way to upload them to the farm is by using our Blender addon. The addon automatically collects these files and uploads them to our servers.

If you do not wish to use the addon to send the files, you'll need to upload the files manually to the farm, as they are not packed in the blend file.

In order to upload the .mdd files, you'll need to reference them using relative paths and upload them in the same folders as the .blend file. For example, you can have this structure for the project:
- project folder
     - main.blend
     - cache_files_folder
         - file1.mdd
         - file3.pc2

In the structure above, you'll just need to refer the files using this path: //cache_files_folder/file1.mdd , //cache_files_folder/file3.pc2 , //cache_files_folder/  etc. Then just upload the top level project folder ("project folder" above in this case) to our service. 

For uploading there are 3 options:
  • Zip the entire folder and upload via the "add render job page". You'll receive an error message saying that we were not able to find the blend file in the archive. In the process, the archive will get unzipped and then you'll be able to find the uploaded folder at the bottom of the page, in the FTP files section.
  • Via Dropbox or another cloud storage account.
  • Via FTP.

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