Using external files (MDD, Alembic) with Modo

Using external files (MDD, Alembic) with Modo

MDD and Alembic cache files are supported on RenderStreet. The easiest way to render them is by using our Modo plugin. The plugin automatically collects these files and uploads them to the farm in such a way so they are being recognized by Modo and used for rendering.

If you'd like to upload the files manually, without using our plugin, here's how to do it:

First, try to use the "consolidate scene" menu entry in Modo and see if this collects the files in the 'imported_images' folder along with all other assets. In some cases, Modo will fail to collect these files. In such a case, follow these steps to manually handle them:
  1. copy the mdd/abc file in the same folder with your lxo file
  2. in the lxo file, edit the path to the mdd/abc file and leave only the file name, without any path information
  3. save the lxo file and upload everything (lxo bundled file, imported_images folder, cache files) to our server
We recommend using FTP or cloud transfer to send the files to us.
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