Using alembic caches in Blender

Using alembic caches in Blender

When using Alembic files with Blender, please follow these steps to make sure they are set up correctly:

1. On your computer, copy the abc files in the same folder as the .blend file
2. In the blend file, locate each modifier that uses alembic and replace the absolute path to the abc file with a relative path. For example, if the abc file is named, the relative path in this case would be //
3. Save the blend file
5. Create a folder
6. Upload both the blend file and the abc files in this folder
7. Go to the add render job page and locate the uploaded blend file in the list of files at the bottom of the page
8. Click the blend file in the list to select it, then click the "select file" button under the file list
9. In the next page set the render parameters as you do with the web uploaded files
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