RenderStreet One monthly plan FAQ

RenderStreet One monthly plan FAQ

This FAQ refers exclusively to the RenderStreet ONE program. For questions related to our pay-per-use program, please see our general knowledge base.

I've just signed up, why am I being charged $1?

For each user that signs up for the RenderStreet ONE program, we charge one dollar to validate their credit card and start the trial period. This is a one-time charge, and it will get deducted from the first month's fee should you decide to continue with the full subscription.

What does 'best effort' rendering mean?

Best effort rendering means that each account will share access to a pool of servers with the other accounts. The resource availability will vary throughout the day, but we designed the program to ensure maximum  performance for all the users. This means that on occasions your jobs may be queued before they start rendering.

What kind of servers will be used to render my files?

The servers that are allocated to this program have dual Xeon E5-2670 CPUs or better, and a minimum of 32GB of RAM. 

Will my files remain private?

Entirely. Your files will remain confidential at all times. Each server will render a single job at a time, so there is no danger of unauthorized access to your files or mix-ups. All the servers are running in our secure environment so everything is stable and kept safe. 

Can I use RenderStreet ONE for V-Ray?

RenderStreet ONE only works with Blender Internal and Cycles at this moment. If you are interested in using it with V-Ray as well, please get in touch.

Can have a regular account and register for RenderStreet ONE as well? 

Of course. RenderStreet ONE works in parallel with your normal account, and it will share the same login information. You can continue to use your existing account for on-demand rendering, and use RenderStreet ONE at the same time.

Are there any limits for the renders I can launch?  

Yes. In order to ensure a fair use policy and to make sure everyone gets equal access to resources, we had to put some limits in place. They are as follows:
- for animations, the render time is limited to 15 minutes per frame. There is no limit to the total number of frames you can render
- for still images, the render time is limited to one hour per frame
- simulations or physics will not be baked on our servers. If your project needs baking, you will have to bake it on your computer and upload the bake file cache on FTP

 the time limits refer to render time on our servers, not on your computer.

The default limits can be upgraded by activating options for your subscription

What happens with a render that goes over the limit?

When a render exceeds the time limit, it will be automatically stopped. In order to complete a project in this situation, the time limits for the subscription can be upgraded, or the render can be moved to our on-demand service. Please note that frames that were interrupted because of time limit will start rendering from the beginning after they are moved. There are several scenarios that could happen:

1. You are rendering a still image, which exceeded the maximum allowed time and render was stopped automatically. When you move it to RenderStreet on-demand, the rendering will start from the beginning.

2. You are rendering an animation and all the frames exceeded the maximum allowed time and were stopped. In this case, moving the render to the on-demand service will restart the rendering from the beginning for all frames.

3. You are rendering an animation, and starting with a frame in the middle of the animation, the complexity increases and render time starts exceeding the maximum allowed time and the frames in question are stopped. In this case, moving the animation to on-demand will preserve the finished frames, and will re-render the ones that were stopped.

Note: Moving a job to the on-demand service while one or more frames are rendering will cause the respective frames to be billed on your on-demand account.

My render exceeds the time with just two seconds, can you make an exception?

The time limits are hardcoded into the system and cannot be set individually for each user. However, some frames that go over the time limit can be allowed to complete in some circumstances. Also, most files can most likely be simplified a bit to make it fit inside the time limit. By tweaking samples count, texture count, materials and/or polygons the render time can be lowered.

What kind of payment methods do you support? 

You can pay securely with any major credit card. Have trouble paying? Drop us a line.

If I cancel my One subscription, does this cancel my regular account as well? 

No. Your regular account will remain active and you'll be able to continue using it normally for as long as you wish.

Can I cancel my RenderStreet ONE subscription anytime? 

Yes. You can cancel your subscription at any moment. The membership will remain valid 30 days after your last payment, and then it will stop renewing.

Do you have a question and couldn't find the answer here? Contact us and we'll help.

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