Rendering V-Ray for Modo projects with RenderStreet

Rendering V-Ray for Modo projects with RenderStreet

RenderStreet supports rendering V-Ray for Modo projects, both still images and animations. Our system automatically distributes the render to multiple render nodes for a faster delivery.

In order to start a V-Ray for Modo render on our farm, please follow these steps:

1. Create a new folder on your computer

2. Save the Modo project file (lxo file) in this folder

3. Use the File -> Consolidate Scene menu command so Modo collects all the dependencies in that folder

4. Use the V-Ray -> V-Ray Assets - Consolidate menu command to save any other V-Ray assets required for rendering

5. Use the V-Ray -> Render with V-Ray Standalone menu command, with these options: 

      - uncheck "choose output image"
      - .vrscene path -> use the same folder created on step 1 above
      - check "Only export without starting V-Ray Standalone"

6. Once the export has been completed, upload the folder above to our server. 

7. From our web interface, go to the Add render job page, select the vrscene file and create a job from it

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