Receiving funds from a 3rd party into your RenderStreet account

Receiving funds from a 3rd party into your RenderStreet account

If you need to pass the rendering costs to a 3rd party - for instance to your client / your business partner or to someone in the accounting department - you can now allow them to fund your RenderStreet account directly. This is done without sharing your account access credentials or giving them access to your account. The system works by generating single-use payment links, which you can then send to your customer/partner. The payment link does not contain any information that may be used to identify your account. If you wish to include such information or any details related to the purpose of the payment, please use the comments box when generating the link. 

The process works as follows:

1. From your RenderStreet account, navigate to your on-demand billing page (the same page you use to add credits to your account). Enter the amount you wish to have added to your account as credits (in USD) and enter a comment for your payer. Click the 'Create Link' button.

2. After pressing the button, a custom link will be created and you will be able to copy it and send it to your partner.

3. When your partner opens the link, they will see a page containing the amount to be paid and the message you entered.

They will be able to use any payment method accepted on RenderStreet (PayPal, major credit cards including Amex) to complete the payment.

4. When the payment has been confirmed, your account will be loaded with the corresponding amount of credits

Important notes:

- Each payment link can be used a single time and a single payment can be made through it. If you need to request funds several times, you will need to generate a payment link for each request.

- The payer will be able to enter the billing information at the time of the payment, but they will not receive the invoice directly. The account holder (the recipient of the payment) will have to send the invoice to the paying partner, after receiving it from RenderStreet

- Unused credits from the 3rd party payments can be refunded upon request, up to 6 months from the payment date. All refunds can be done only to the original payment method (credit card, PayPal account) used to make the initial payment.

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