Launching renders using the Blender add-on

Launching renders using the Blender add-on

The RenderStreet add-on helps launch a render from a Blender project with a single click, from your computer.

In order to use the add-on, download it from this page in your account and install it. The installing instructions are also included on the download page. 

When the add-on is installed, you will see a new box in the Render Settings tab in Blender. Log in using your email address as username and your RenderStreet password.

To launch a job, first, open the blend file in Blender. Optionally enter a job name in the 'Job name' field. This will be the name associated to your job.
RenderStreet Blender add-on
In order to render just the current frame from the file, press the 'Render on RS - CURRENT FRAME' button. 
In order to render the entire frame range from the file, press the 'Render on RS - ANIMATION' button.
You can also just upload the project without launching a render from it.

If you have the RenderStreet One subscription active in your account, you can choose whether to use it, or use the on-demand plan for your render.

When selecting the on-demand plan, you can also choose the rendering device (CPU or GPU) for the job you are launching. You can select GPU rendering even if your own computer doesn't have a GPU compatible with Blender.

For still images, you can also use the split render option available on our farm. 

We recommend you first test a single frame to see how it renders and then launch the entire animation.

The plugin will collect all the files and assets in the project and send them to our farm. You will see a status indication displayed in the plugin window.

Important: if you have simulations/physics that require baking, they need to be baked on your computer, according to our instructions, prior to uploading the project. Our add-on will collect the bake caches and send them to our farm as well.

All the other render settings will be copied from your file, except for the tile size. Our system will automatically set the optimal tile size for all rendering situations.

HINT: If you are working on the file and rendering multiple iterations of the same file, keep the same .blend file name. The plugin will upload only the different files, and the subsequent uploads will be significantly faster.

ImportantPlease note that if you have a render in progress, modifying any file from the project that is currently rendering may cause unwanted effects. We recommend waiting for the render to complete, or saving the blend file with a different name and then re-uploading it, if you need to launch a new render from it.

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