How to use the RenderStreet One referral program

How to use the RenderStreet One referral program

The referral program for the monthly plan RenderStreet One offers the possibility to acquire free subscription time for our monthly plan, by referring other users to our service. Referral points are awarded when the referred user signs up for the RenderStreet One trial and when they make the transition from the trial to the full subscription. Each action generated the referring user a number of points, which can be then converted to free render time in RenderStreet One. 

You can find your unique referral link in the new 'Refer and Earn' page in your control panel interface. In order to refer someone to our service, simply send them the link. If, after visiting our site, they decide to subscribe to the monthly plan, your account will be credited with the corresponding number of points. The points can be used at any time to extend your existing RenderStreet One subscription.

The number of points received by the referring user is:
  • 1 point for the trial sign-up
  • 7 points for the first month of subscription

One referral point will extend your subscription time by:
  • 1 day, if you only use the basic subscription
  • 1/2 days, if you have one extra option active (either the time extender option or the Modo option)
  • 1/3 days, if you have two extra options active (time extender and Modo)

Important notes:
  • By using the referral system, you explicitly agree to the Referral Program Terms of Use and to our Terms of Service.
  • Referral points are granted only after the referred user completes the full process of subscribing and their subscription is active. If the subscription needs to be manually verified and activated, the points will be granted only after the activation.
  • In order to use the referral points, you need to have an active RenderStreet One subscription

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