Creating video files from your renders

Creating video files from your renders

On RenderStreet, all renders are delivered as individual images. We choose to do it this way because it offers the greatest flexibility in post-processing the images further in the pipeline. And it also makes it easier to correct potential mistakes in the project, without having to re-render the entire sequence.

At the same time, we understand that sometimes the output is needed in video format (as a movie). Whether this is necessary to send the client for review, or the render is final and doesn't need further processing, RenderStreet offers this option as well.

Before going into the process, there are a few things to keep in mind regarding the resulted video:
1. The video is generated based only on the individual rendered frames from a previously completed render job. This means that it will not include any audio track that may exist in the original project. Also, if the project has a custom sequencer setup, it won't be present in the video.
2. At this moment, the video cannot be generated with a transparent background. This means that, if the frame contents is smaller than the output resolution, there will be a colored background visible. The color can be chosen when launching the video generation job.

Here are the steps to generate a video from a render completed on RenderStreet:

1. Press the '+ Movie' button from your account interface

2. From the list of completed render jobs, select the one you wish to use as source for creating the video

3. From the list of outputs available for the selected job, select the desired one. A video can be created from the main/beauty output or from any of the additional available outputs (file output nodes for Blender, for instance)

4. Set the desired parameters for the movie: job name, resolution/scaling, frame rate and background color

5. Confirm all the parameters set in the previous steps and launch the job

6. The job will be visible in the job list in your account, with the usual job information and status.

When the process has been completed, the video will be available for download the same way as the output of a render job.
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