Black main output in Blender

Black main output in Blender

In some instances, a render on the farm turns black (the main render output), while it apparently works on your local machine.

This situation is in the majority of cases caused by the way the project is set up. Also, it's important to note that this usually affects only the final render, not a viewport render. So, when rendering rendering a test frame on your computer before sending the project to RenderStreet (as it's the recommended workflow), make sure you test with a full render (F12, then save file to disk) and not with a viewport render.

That being said, here are the most common causes for a black main output:

- A disconnected compositor Composite node. To solve this, make sure the Composite node is linked to your compositor setup (if the project has the compositor enabled).

- Sequencer activated and empty, or sequencer activated at the same time while a border is defined. To solve this, in the first case de-activate the sequencer and in the second case disable either the sequencer or the border.

- The view layer is disabled for rendering. To fix it, enable the layer for rendering. Important: checking the 'render single layer' box doesn't work for this purpose, as this box is ignored by Blender when rendering from the command line (as we do on the farm).

- All objects or collections are disabled for rendering. To fix this, enable the needed objects/collections you wish to appear in the render.

Happy rendering!
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