Automatically uploading renders to your cloud account

Automatically uploading renders to your cloud account

Your RenderStreet account can be set up so that all your renders are uploaded directly to your cloud account. Once the initial setup has been completed, all the renders that are completed after that moment will be automatically uploaded to the connected cloud account.

The first step necessary for this process is linking one or more cloud accounts to your RenderStreet account.

In order to do so, log into your account on RenderStreet and click on your name (right top corner), then 'Profile and settings'. On the page that opens, click the 'Settings' tab and you will see the three cloud storage services available.

Click “Link account” for the service you want to use, for example, Google Drive.

A separate login window will appear, asking permission to connect the account.   

Up to three cloud accounts can be linked simultaneously (one for each provider), but only one can be selected at a given time for automatic uploads.

After linking the account(s), the next step is selecting the account to which your renders will be uploaded. Use the drop-down to select the desired account.

Important : Please make sure that the selected account has enough free space available for uploading your renders.

Your renders will be saved from now on in your cloud account, in a folder named RenderStreet-Renders. Inside this folder each render job will have its own folder.

Once connected, the cloud storage services are also available under the “Add Render Job” section. You can transfer your project files directly from your cloud account as described in this article .

Note: If you wish to stop the renders being pushed to the cloud, you can do so by selecting 'Do not send' from the drop-down pictured above.

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