Automatically downloading the renders on FTP

Automatically downloading the renders on FTP

Update 2021: As we have upgraded our FTP servers to support newer (and safer) security protocols, FTP Voyager no longer works.  This article will be revised soon to suggest other software to be used for this purpose.

In case of large renders, or for animation with thousands of frames, the resulting archive may bee to large to download as a single file. And for those cases we are making available another option, to download the individual frames automatically to your hard drive. This can be done using an FTP client, and you will receive the frames as they finish rendering.

For Windows: You need to use the free FTP Voyager client ( link herethere's a direct download link under the big red button that will get you the file without the cnet installer)
Once installed, follow these steps:

° Open the ftp voyager, click tools, then "scheduler site profiles". Add a new site there
° Enter the connection details obtained from the storage location page in your RenderStreet account
° Open the "ftp voyager scheduler". If it doesn't do anything, it means it's already opened in the tray, or you need to launch the "Tray monitor" program as well.
° Click "Create new task"
° Name the task and select the FTP profile to use
° Select schedule tab, select custom and use every 1 minute, or 10 minutes, whatever works for you
° Select the "actions" tab and add a "sync local folder" action
° Use /output as remote folder, your download folder as local
° Make sure "include subfolders is set and add *.zip to ignore files

For Mac: You need to use Yummy FTP Watcher , Transmit or a similar tool.  Please see the documentation provided by the software publisher for setting up folder synchronization/monitoring, using the connection settings shown above.
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