3rd party Blender plug-ins / add-ons compatibility with RenderStreet

3rd party Blender plug-ins / add-ons compatibility with RenderStreet

1. Plug-ins supported automatically

Starting with Blender 2.80, we have added automatic support for a number of popular plug-ins. The list of supported plug-ins is visible in the process of launching a job from our Web interface, in the "Optional plugins" section, with their corresponding versions:

If your project uses one of the plug-ins that are available through this method, our system will detect it and pre-check the corresponding box in the list. In case the automatic detection doesn't work (for instance, because of a different plug-in version) you can manually check the plug-in from the list. All the checked plug-ins will be loaded with your project at render time.

The plug-ins supported automatically on our farm at this moment are:

- FLIP Fluids 

- Animation Nodes

2. Plug-ins supported through other methods

The plug-ins that are not supported automatically will still work on RenderStreet. Most 3rd party plug-ins are working out of the box and no changes are necessary to the project. The only prerequisite is that your RenderStreet account has scripts support enabled - by default, all new accounts have this feature disabled, for security reasons. You can verify this by trying to launch a job from our Web interface - you can just save a new cube and upload it, will only take a minute. In the second step of adding a job, where you set the rendering settings, you'll see a yellow warning box if your script support is disabled. If it is, and you need scripts, please get in touch and we'll help.

If you are using a plug-in that doesn't work out of the box, we can assist in making the necessary changes to make it compatible with our farm.

Common plug-ins and their compatibility:

FLIP Fluids for Blender 2.79 - supported. A small change is needed to make it compatible. Please contact us for details

Graswald - supported. The particle systems generated by the add-on needs to be baked according to our instructions

Blender Guru add-ons: Pro-Lighting Studio, Pro-Lighting Skies - work out of the box

Cube Surfer - supported. Small changes are needed to make it compatible. Please contact us for details 

Molecular  - supported. Small changes are needed to make it compatible. Please contact us for details

Rigify - works out of the box

Botaniq - works out of the box, we recommend uploading the project using our Blender addon. Please make sure the Botaniq addon does not generate any objects with the [proxy] string in their name, as they won't work correctly on our farm

Blend_My_NFTs  - supported. Small changes are needed to make it compatible. Please contact us for details

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